Location:  Lakeside road GU12 5AA

Since 2005 the main lake has been restocked with over 2000lb of mixed fish including: bream, carp, tench, crucians.
A two-lake fishery set in parkland and nature ponds, lying close to the Hampshire/Surrey border in Ash Vale. The fishery is located less than a mile away from the town centre and only a few hundred yards away from the famous Gold Valley complex. This attractive spring fed gravel/sand pit has now matured since it was dug in the mid 70s. A mixed fishery that does not get a lot of angling pressure.​

Size: Main Lake 12 acres  -   Back Lake 1.5 acres


Carp to  25lb    Roach to  1lb    Tench to  5lb        Pike to  15lb

Perch to   1lb    Bream to  5lb     Rudd to  1lb    Crucian to  2lb